Regarding AL-2781 Wall lanterns or any other Altair Lighting product
sold through Costco/Sam's Club
Sorry, we do not manufacture this type of product. We are Altair Exchange Corporation and the company you are looking for is Altair Lighting.
You can reach them at 800-345-0542, via fax at 310-886-3497, or by e-mail

If you have any questions about any of our products or if you are interested in placing an order,
please contact us at

New Products!
LED Refrigerated Display Lighting - Vertical Case
Contact our sales department at to purchase.
LED Refrigerated Display Lighting - Horizontal Case
Contact our sales department at to purchase.

About Us

Altair Exchange Corporation was established in 1985 to serve the needs of industry as a new kind of lighting component company dedicated to superior quality products with an emphasis on unparalleled customer service.

Our resources and activities are concentrated within the lighting industry, specifically tailored to the industrial OEM marketplace. Each of the lighting products that are offered by us is manufactured on automatic equipment designed and built using the finest manufacturing technologies and production processes available. World Class processes and controls are incorporated into every product we offer. Extensive research and development, advanced design engineering, and state-of-the-art quality assurance systems insure that quality is built into every lighting product we ship.

This website is intended to provide a general guide for selecting lighting products for your intended applications. For more detailed information, including custom lighting strips and assembly’s specific to your requirements, we encourage you to contact our application engineers for guidance and selection.Their many years of expertise in such a vast number of applications for lighting products throughout the world can be most realized through direct contact to our sales offices at (818) 701-1341 or through a request by email to

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